What will you be wearing this summer?

No matter who we are, most of us love fashion whether we wear clothes that are trending or we have our own style with a touch of the latest trends or maybe are just totally different from anyone else’s style.


As I’ve previously written I’m not someone who wears the latest trends, I never have but I know what I like. I like to wear pieces that suits my body shape and not what everyone else wears, I like to be a bit different. It’s probably why I Iove shopping in op shops. You can find the most amazing clothing in op shops to mix with the latest fashions or find a piece ready to be altered into something totally different.


I love reading fashion magazines, websites, social media and get my fix on what is showing on the runways but most of the time I love looking at the style of the people who are attending the shows. The street style.


A great way to be fashion forward is to check out the overseas fashion shows and wear similar to the trends they will be seeing next summer, this upcoming summer.


Here are some of the new trends I noticed while checking out the latest at New York Fashion week. I’ve used some of the looks I found and put together inspiration boards showing full figured, curvy women in similar outfits.



Animal Instincts

Bring the animal inside you out with another season of your favourite animal prints.



Lavender Tones

They say the colour purple has soul and when you look at it, it’s looking back at you. Put some soul into your outfit this spring/ summer.



Puff Shoulders

Puff shoulders always remind me of Dynasty in the 80’s. However this season the puff on your shoulders has a modern take on the 80’s style and will highlight your outfit instead of taking over it.


Coloured Tartan

Tartan is often thought of a print associated with winter but this spring/ summer it has been given a makeover. The traditional colours on tartan have been replaced with lighter, pastels as well as still having the traditional colours making it fresh, crisp and modern. Find the wee Scottish girl hiding in you and wear some tartan.




Bucket Hats

I remember these as all the rage in the 90’s when I was growing up, you weren’t considered cool unless you wore a bucket hat. The latest ones are so cool in tasteful colours and prints. A definite addition for this coming summer wardrobe.




This trend is an awesome way to make your style unique but still be fashionable. You can add patchwork to your jeans, denim jacket and skirt by using different fabrics, different jeans patches, the choice is yours.

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