Then vs Now & New vs Old 👗

We have spoken about how we started Sisterly Curves due to our weight-loss journey, selling our own clothes…..but before that journey began it was a whole different style of business. ⁣

We’ve both been in finance & customer service for what seems like forever, even though we were not mathematical in school…..far from it. I studied english, art, interior & architectural design & Sandra was more into sports so definitely NO maths.⁣

However we knew we wanted to run our own business though & we love fashion. Selling clothes it was to be.⁣

So with our customers service experience we would make it a priority understanding our customers needs & also using our own past experiences ⁣

We bought some sample plus size clothes from various wholesalers to see what the quality & sizing would be like, we were not impressed.⁣

The business idea went on the back burner for a little while, okay maybe a few years cause you know life, 9-5 got in the way 🙄

We then started our weight loss journey & since we didn’t need our own clothes anymore we thought why not sell them for some extra cash to go towards our new wardrobes.⁣ ⁣

Those days were interesting - photos of clothes hanging off plastic coat hangers on the back of the bedroom door & selling on EBay…..⁣

When we seen how many people were interested in our preloved clothes, it was like having a lightbulb moment, especially as it was around the same time I had to cut back on my work hours having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.⁣

So we PIVOTED!! ⁣

🌟New to old! (preloved clothes) & online. ⁣

🌟Mannequin & styling replaced coat hangers on doors ⁣

Just a side note, we’re currently looking for ‘plus size’ women in Perth to model our clothes so if you’re interested DM us! 😊

So it was out with the NEW clothes ‘Loved Curves Boutique’ & in with the OLD preloved clothes ‘Sisterly Curves’.⁣ ⁣

Plus it made sense, we both love preloved/ secondhand shopping 💁🏼‍♀️

When we first started Sisterly Curves we never thought we’d be where we are now. ⁣

🌱We also didn’t expect to be featured in a magazine about circular/ ethical fashion. ⁣

🌱Meet the people we have met along the way who have helped us & believed in what we do.⁣

🌱 New branding with a new name plus a website!⁣ ⁣

🌱New skills that we would collect along our journey ⁣

We were just a couple sisters that  had an idea we wanted to explore & have the flexibility majority of us crave. 👯‍♀️

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  • Jackie

    Met you ladies and got a gorgeous little city chic top from you. I had to look at your business – very impressed. Well done ladies for your concept and vision. Good luck in 2022. Thanks for bringing in something that so many plus size ladies need.

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