The Curvy Story

This is a different type of blog post this time - it’s more personal. By the way, this post is not promoting anything to do with diets; it is just an account of the journey of Sisterly Curves and why we sell preloved women’s ‘plus-size’ fashion.


Although we promote body positivity and self-love, we have days like everyone else that we wish we looked someone else, had the body of someone else or of a celebrity. We’re women so we are never happy according to some.


Sisterly Curves promotes body positivity and self-love to break up those negative thoughts swirling around your mind.


Sisterly Curves began due to selfish reasons, we were not happy with our bodies four years go. Both of us were extremely overweight, obese in fact according to the Australian BMI Chart and although we looked happy on the outside I can honestly say it was an illusion of the inside.


Back in 2015 we decided to commence a weight loss journey to try and be more healthy as we were getting older and it would be harder each year to lose weight plus carrying the extra weight wasn’t doing our bones/ organs any good.


In the past, we had tried to lose weight and like most women, we had tried every diet on the market. This time we were determined and motivated, we wanted to succeed.


We started with portion sizing and meal preparation so we wouldn’t go off track this time. We ate anything we liked. We didn’t restrict ourselves, we just cut down on the fatty, sugary foods and increased our protein and fruit/ vegetables intake.


Now within a couple of months, we had lost a bit of weight which motivated us to keep going. The trouble with losing weight our clothes became too big and buying brand new clothes was expensive. We started selling our clothes that were too big for us, in the hope someone else would get some wear out of them. Most were brands like City Chic and Autograph which had cost us quite a bit of money.


So we put them up on eBay. We didn’t do anything special with our listings; just on a coat hanger, on the back of a door and taking a photo with our phone. Surprisingly they sold quickly and easily mainly because we didn’t overprice our items. Now we put of a bit of effort into our photos so our customers can imagine what they would look like on themselves. Then we created our own website so customers could shop when they liked without having to wait for auctions to end or fight for an item with someone else. We still don’t overprice the items we resell, we want them to be priced for everyone’s budget.


It’s all good and well selling our clothes but what were we going to wear while we were still losing weight. That’s when we started shopping in op shops. We had always loved op shops mainly to buy ornaments, designer label items, vintage clothes/ handbags. Anything of quality and well looked after.


The thing with op shops and buying clothes from them these days, is that they are overflowing with ‘fast fashion’ items from the likes of Kmart, Big W, etc which would be cheaper to buy brand new from these shops.


However, we did find clothes for our decreasing sizes that were in great condition, some were brand new with their tags still on them.  We also came across ‘plus-size’ clothes of the brands we use to buy; we just had to dig a bit harder for them.


That’s when we stumbled across the old saying of ‘one mans trash, is another’s man treasure’ or in our case ‘one woman’s trash, is another’s woman’s treasure’.


These clothes were given away for various reasons like the owner didn’t like them anymore, they didn’t fit or they didn’t have any room. No matter the reason we decided to buy these clothes as they were in brand new like condition. We then laundered the clothes and tried our luck to see if they would resell to others.


Which is how Sisterly Curves began. We love what we do! We enjoy sourcing and put quite a considerable amount of time into finding clothes to resell to others, YOU. We display them so they are shown to their best angles, highlighting any stand out features and giving ideas on how they could be worn by others.


Back to our weight loss journey and why we don’t model our clothes - we feel wouldn’t do them justice. We still feel the ‘plus size girl’ inside of us (we lived with her for more than 20 years) and even though it’s been 4 years since the start of our journey, we will never forget the problems we had with our larger sizes trying to find clothes that would fit, that looked halfway decent on, that didn’t cost the earth and that we actually liked.


Don’t get me wrong there are days that I (Fiona) can’t be bothered with taking photos, listing clothes, updating our website, sharing  social media posts but I love this work more so than my 9-5 job and feel I’d be letting down our customers down if we didn’t provide our service.


I (Fiona) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis not long after we started our weight loss journey.


Losing weight definitely helped with my various symptoms but more so with MS fatigue. Because of the fatigue I’ve had to reduce my working hours so I’m not earning the money I use to make but like most women I love shopping!


To get my shopping fix I head to op shops and secondhand stores to find clothes for our amazing customers and of ourselves. I love that there is a story behind every item we have sourced.


So that’s the ‘Sisterly Curves’ story just two ‘curvy’ sisters who love to shop. 💕




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