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Pear Shaped Fashion Tips

We all know that there are rules of fashion we should follow & most of the time we do however on occasion rules are made to be broken.......and you should find your style.  Pear-shaped women are usually smaller in the bust, have a well-defined waist with larger hips & thighs. Normally they avoid wearing peplum tops as they fall at the widest part of the hips however some peplum tops that will fall at your waist with a small ruffle can be found; if you like that style. We have come up with some tips for fashionable pear-shaped women.........remember these are only tips.Here we go  Wear lighter colours or prints on top & darker colours on the bottom A-line dresses, skirts,...

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Size does matter.......when it comes to clothes

I don’t know about you but when it comes to clothes shopping I have my favourite brands/ labels that are pretty consistent with their quality, design and sizing which is why we buy their clothes; new or preloved. However, we’ve recently come across differences when it comes to sizing for the first time since we started our business.     My sister bought a pair of jeans the other week from her favourite shop, they were the same style, colour and size of a pair she already had but they were starting to fade. They were black in colour, well more grey so she wanted treat herself to a new pair of black jeans. When she went to try on her...

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