Style or comfort - Festive time

Do you go glammed up for an office Christmas party?? or Do you go for comfort so you can enjoy yourself with lots of food and maybe ten cocktails?


The silly season is fast approaching and I for one is ready to get glammed up but I also want to be comfortable so I don’t end up face planting it in the middle of a restaurant & be the talk of the office at morning tea.


For last years lunch I wore a gorgeous 50’s style dress that I still love & wedges thinking I would be comfortable. Not realising how humid it would be and that that we would be having cocktails outside after lunch before heading to a club; I ended up sweating profusely like I had just run a marathon. Even my head was sweating (I have a lot of hair). I didn’t end up going to the club with the others because I was so uncomfortable so this year I’m thinking of going comfortable. 3/4 pants & a nice top with flats - but I keep thinking how glammed up is that.


I keep thinking maybe a maxi dress & flat sandals which I feel kills two birds with one stone - comfort & glamour. I think I could be onto a winner here.


Do you have a winning combo for comfort and glamour?


Thankfully we have plenty of dresses, culottes, skirts and amazing tops for sale that will get your through the festive parties and lunches.



Sisterly Curves xx

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