Size does matter.......when it comes to clothes

I don’t know about you but when it comes to clothes shopping I have my favourite brands/ labels that are pretty consistent with their quality, design and sizing which is why we buy their clothes; new or preloved.

However, we’ve recently come across differences when it comes to sizing for the first time since we started our business. 


 My sister bought a pair of jeans the other week from her favourite shop, they were the same style, colour and size of a pair she already had but they were starting to fade. They were black in colour, well more grey so she wanted treat herself to a new pair of black jeans.

When she went to try on her new jeans on they were too small. She thought maybe she had been given the wrong size but nope they were her regular size. We measured them up against her other pair of jeans and there was a big difference in both pairs. Now we know jeans stretch after wear as they’re no longer new but these differed about 3-4cms at the waist. The inner leg and thigh measurements also greatly differed as well, they were like 2 sizes different.

Plus just on the weekend we had a customer ask for waist and inner leg measurements as she had lost some weight recently and was at the awkward stage when it came to buying jeans. We were more than happy to provide the measurements even though we had the brands measurements with the listing. We measured them 3 times just to make sure we were giving the correct measurements. Unfortunately they were not right for our customer so she went away without a new pair of jeans and we went away without a sale.

When we checked our measurements against the brands measurements, 2cm difference!

When you are use to buying the same designers/ brands and the same sizes as you always have it becomes very frustrating if there’s a difference in sizing. You ask yourself what has changed. Is it the manufacturing? Is the wrong size label on the item? And that awful thought pops into your mind, have I put weight on?

It makes shopping a chore and not an enjoyable experience plus you yourself not shopping as often.

Have you encountered sizing issues? Too small, too big and they’re the size you always buy. What about difference in sizing between brands?



You may have noticed that on some of our listings we have started to put flatlay measurements on to help our customers decision easier in choosing an item.

If you like the clothes we sell as we put a lot of effort in choosing pieces but you’re unsure about the sizes, message us and we’ll send you the measurements you require.

We are here to help your shopping experience be easier and more enjoyable.



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