Shopping for your shape, it’s a minefield out there.....

I don’t know about you but trying to find clothes that suit my body shape is a real mission. I have lost some weight in the last couple years and even now that I fit into regular sized clothing it can still be tricky. Don’t think because you see skinny girls that they don’t have issues finding clothes to suit their body shape.


I think it’s ‘all’ women in general find it hard to find suitable clothes for their shape.


It’s even harder when you buy online because you can’t try it on and you’re going off the photos the seller has put up. What if the photos of clothes are know the ones i mean. You see them on Facebook marketplace, Ebay and Gumtree all the time, they are just hanging on a metal wire hanger on the back of the door or even worse thrown in a pile on the floor.


It’s one of the reason why we make sure our clothes are displayed well, on a plus size mannequin in different angles to give you a better feel for the clothes, like as if you were hiding in that dressing room trying something on.


Anyway getting back to trying to find the right clothes.....


My sister finds it hard to buy jeans that are the right length because she only wears flats now due to a knee injury so she doesn’t want them dragging on the ground. I on the other hand find it hard to find jeans long enough because I do wear high heels and my legs are longer than hers. It’s great now and about time brands have finally realised that we’re all different heights and sizes. You can now buy long, short and regular length jeans. Wow variety!



While we’re talking shapes, let’s talk about boobs & the problems they can bring when you are buying clothes. Women who are larger chested find it hard to buy tops that not only accentuate their womanly figure without looking bulky and are also comfortable.


Now I know that a V neckline is the best line for a woman with larger breasts to wear but what if it’s a deep V neckline, then you’re boobs are on display whether you want them out and proud or not. My sister hates having her boobs showing because she like what she’s when she looks down, she feels exposed. But a couple of friends who are larger chested don’t mind and display them the best way they can. Everyone is different.



What about women who are smaller chested? They find it just as hard trying to find tops that gives them some shape in the chest area. They can wear bows, oversized ruffles, cutouts, anything to emphasise the bodice because it doesn’t look too busy or overstuffed on a smaller chest. If they’re confident enough they could go braless like wear a backless dress or top. Where us larger chested women would probably look silly and saggy going braless.


We had a customer during the week who asked about the different materials with a few of the pieces she was interested in buying because she didn’t like certain material combinations for whatever reason. After providing the required information she was then able to make decision and purchase her items. We have had that question quiet a lot recently because some materials irritate their skin while other ladies it doesn’t bother them.


A big NO for a lot of curvy women we have found is the material Rayon. Why? because it clings to body in unflattering way and especially in the areas we don’t want to bring attention to. And what do they usually make out Rayon - pants/ trousers/ skirts. The clothing area most curvy women don’t want on enhance - thighs, bums and tummies


As I said earlier in this piece, I have lost some weight so I can buy clothes in the regular sized section of a store but it’s still hard to find styles I like especially now I’m in my mid 40’s. I’m jeans kinda woman and what suited me in my 20’s is no longer an option. The clothes are either to young for me or too old for my liking. And no one wants to look old. Sometimes I wonder if the fashion industry in general just design for young women or maybe the older woman because for us in the middle; our late 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s it’s a hit and miss whether you’re curvy or not.


While we try to find styles for everyone and to suit many women’s tastes because what my sister and I might like others won’t for various reasons. We are still limited to what we can source preloved. The fashion industry still has a long way to go when it comes to designing clothes for the larger, curvy, plus size woman or just women in general and fast fashion doesn’t help.


If you ever find something you like, it’s the right material, it’s the style, shape and it’s suits you ‘BUY IT’ because it’s like a minefield trying to buy clothes.

these days.


Happy shopping sisters! 💕

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