Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit.....

Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair! American fashion designer Tracy Reese said. 

I don’t know about you but I love shoes! all kinds of shoes; flats, heels, sneakers, basically any style that are pretty.

When I was younger I had over 100 pairs of shoes mainly because there wasn’t many fashion stores for ‘plus size’ women and online stores were just starting out. My love of fashion and my own style came through the buying of shoes and handbags plus I also learnt to sew my own clothes. I was too young to wear muumuu’s and I hated designs with so much floral patterns that made me look older than what I was.  

Yes, I’m a woman but I don’t want to have to wear floral's or hot pink just so that I look feminine because I’m a curvy, overweight woman. In saying that, I’m no longer an overweight/ plus size woman but I still have the curves and it’s my wardrobe selection that has expanded. I had to lose weight for health reasons but I still feel like I am the fat girl on the inside looking for the right outfit that doesn’t make me look bigger than I am. I’m sure everyone reading this wants that as well.  

These days we’re lucky that there are so much more range in plus size clothes especially jeans, another love of mine. Whether it’s at your local shopping centre, online or even in op shops there will be a plus size section where you can choose the latest trends regular sized women are wearing or you can make your own fashion statement and that’s where shoes will complete the look. 

We mainly have flat shoes for sale but we’re looking for the perfect heel like most women so make sure you keep checking back with us, as we update our inventory regularly or drop us a line on what you would like to see in our collections. 

Sisterly Curves xx


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