Petite women - How to dress for your frame?


Petite refers to stature not weight. Most people still think petite means skinny when in fact petite has nothing to do with weight. 

Petite is the term used in the fashion industry to describe a woman who is 5'3 tall or under. Petite women come in all shapes and sizes, whether they're a size 4 or 14.

This blog was actually inspired by one of our customers who asked for our opinion on what style of jeans she should wear as she was curvy and under 5’0” tall.
I actually had to research on how curvy petite women should dress for their frame especially jeans whether to look taller or slimmer because I personally have no idea standing at 5’9” tall......I assumed it would be similar for us taller, curvier women but just a little different.
Here is what I found and I hope this helps when it comes to dressing for your frame.

✅ Keep garments simple and uncluttered, patterns are to be small to medium in scale.  Large patterns will swamp your frame and big collars will make you look smaller.  
✅ Avoid too much fabric. Lots of extra fabric such as in waterfall cardigans or jackets will overwhelm you. Try a more slim, formfitting line rather than lots of gathers, pleats. Look for fluid fabrics that skim your curves and drape close to the body so you don’t add extra unnecessary width to your frame.
✅ Shoes matter, as if you didn’t already know that. Try a low vamp shoe or a high stiletto, in a colour that either blend with your trousers, tights or legs plus knee-high boots are also a fabulous option for you.
✅ A column of colour is your best friend.  Make sure you keep the colour line unbroken to really elongate your frame. Knee-length dresses are great for that one column of colour however maxi dresses without too much fabric will give that long, lean fluid line too. If you like to wear skirts, have them end at the knee as well with a little flare to balance your frame.
✅ Have only one focal point. While taller women can carry off multiple focal points shorter women have a smaller frame so it’s best to have one to direct the eye to where you want the focus of your outfit to be.
 ✅ For those who are bustier as well being voluptuous and on the shorter side just keep it simple. Avoid frills, flounces, details, pockets as they will overwhelm your frame. If you want to add some interest use jewellery, wear larger scale necklaces to draw attention away from the bust and up to your face, have the necklaces sit at your 2nd balance point (I know we said to have only one focal point) which is often just under the collar bones. To upscale, wear pieces made from multiple smaller elements rather than one large element.  
✅ Go for small patterns that don’t overwhelm, they can distract and draw attention up the body, keep to the top half of the body only.
✅ I don’t know how they do it but it is surprising that they do. 3/4 sleeves draw the eye away from the hips and make you look taller, which also works for us who are on the taller stature especially if you have curvier hips and thighs.
✅ If your shoulders are narrower, wearing slightly puffed sleeves or wider collars will broaden them plus distract from your bust and hips. 
✅ Jeans - Avoid wide leg and lots of distressing which can visually attract attention to your thighs which is not your focal point. Plus size women look fantastic in skinny jeans and even better if they’re a dark indigo or black colour. Paired with either a nude or dark stiletto minus a strap will look amazing but if you’re someone that for whatever reason doesn’t wear high heels the same colour rule applies.
Just make sure though, that you have the jeans stop at your ankles because if they’re too long they will drag your whole look down and which will make you look frumpy (not a good look) - you can either have them professionally tailored to the right length or tuck them under or roll up to the perfect height especially if you decide to wear ankle boots.
✅ Trousers - Keep your trousers free of pockets and cuffs, a straight leg that is the same width from the thighs to the hem is best. If you can stand them, wear heels and have your trousers hemmed just above the floor to add maximum length to your legs. This definitely works for all heights.
Wearing the right style of clothes can make you feel amazing as well confident which is what it’s all about. Feeling amazing!!! Having that surge of confidence can change your day.












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