Pear Shaped Fashion Tips

We all know that there are rules of fashion we should follow & most of the time we do however on occasion rules are made to be broken.......and you should find your style.

Pear-shaped women are usually smaller in the bust, have a well-defined waist with larger hips & thighs. Normally they avoid wearing peplum tops as they fall at the widest part of the hips however some peplum tops that will fall at your waist with a small ruffle can be found; if you like that style.
We have come up with some tips for fashionable pear-shaped women.........remember these are only tips.

Here we go 
  • Wear lighter colours or prints on top & darker colours on the bottom
  • A-line dresses, skirts, coats & tunics.
  • Wear cropped cardigans & jackets over longer tunics
  • Clothing that fits the waist and hips/thighs properly.
  • Statement necklace takes the attention away from your hips
  • Cowl, boat neckline or wider V or U necklines
  • Wide leg or bootcut jeans/ pants to keep your hips from looking bigger than they are
  • Wide lapels on jackets will make your top half look bigger & balances out your wider hips

What to avoid
  • Shapeless shirts as they will make you look bigger than you are
  • Neutral colours shirts will make your top half smaller than it is.


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