On your marks!

The festive season has arrived here in Australia and I don’t just mean Christmas.


In amongst the Racing Season, falls Halloween, and even though we Australians are not as big into Halloween as our USA friends, some of us are and most of us love to throw a party for whatever reason. And with that in mind, it is the time for you to get creative not only for your kids trick or treat outfits but also your own if you’ve been invited to a party to celebrate Hallows Eve.


This day is a great time to dress up as anything or whoever you want. Let your mind run wild. There are some great ideas on Pinterest that you can adapt for your fuller figure. The makeup for Halloween I believe is amazing so if you’ve got the talent and patience this your time to shine.


If you need some inspiration on creating a costume or how to do your makeup, do yourself a favour and check out HalloweenCostumes.com.


The following are some of the costumes I found in my searches.






Racing Season. The race that stops the nation is fast approaching so most women will be looking for the perfect dress or dresses and fascinators to wear during Melbourne Cup Carnival.


When I was looking into the Spring Racing Carnival fashions I found out there are certain style codes to follow for each race day.


  • Derby Day - Elegance, black & white
  • Melbourne Cup Day - No colour rules but just to wear appropriate dresses that make an instant style statement
  • Crown Oaks Day (Ladies Day) - Dress ladylike while expressing in your own flare
  • Emirates Stakes Day - Family Day the least formal day


Although there are a few rules for each day, there are still numerous ways that you can design your own unique style. We have various dresses, skirts and tops for you to create a one-of-a-kind look.






Christmas time in Australia is less of a fashion statement but a day to make sure that we’re cool and not constricted in our outfits. Most of Australia is sweltering hot and we’re either hopping in and out of the swimming pool or laying under the air-conditioning in our swimming suits or shorts and t-shirts.


The only time most of us get dressed up at Christmas is the office work party. We pull out all the stops with our outfits to make sure we stand out amongst by looking the most fashionable and stylish. If you’re like me who’s normal work clothes are the company uniform, the office Xmas party is a time to show off your fashion personality. Again we’re also wanting to be fresh and cool as well as chic in a knockout maxi-dress.






No matter if you’re going to the races or a themed party, make sure your outfit is perfect for you and not just because it’s trendy.


It’s all about creating your own personal style, with your confidence and personality shining through. Wear what you’re comfortable in, loving how it hangs on you and lastly how it makes you feel.


Style is in the eye of the beholder.




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