Large breasts - How to dress & look stylish.


A large chest is either a godsend or hindrance depending on who you talk to.


Some women are gifted with an amazing chest that gives no problems when dressing or any back pain. But for  the rest of us it can be a nightmare having big boobs.


When it comes to fashion tips for women with large breasts, it’s about understanding what works for your body shape.


So we’ve come up with a few tips to help you with dressing your large chest especially if you’re someone that doesn’t like to have them on full display while in public.


We hope these help you.


Create a streamlined effect by wearing a fitted top or dress around the bust instead of belting a flowy top or dress. This look will create an illusion of a smaller bust, which is what we’re after.


Who doesn’t love a wrap when you have a bigger bust? They’ve become a staple in many of our wardrobes for years. Why?? because they give us two separate breasts instead of one large line while enhancing their appearance. win, win!!


We all know from personal experience that having large breasts we are end up buying a larger clothing size to fit our boobs what’s a girl to do???


If you have a flowy dress that is a size too big everywhere else besides the boobs, try wearing a collared shirt tied at the waist to create a cropped effect plus a cinched waist over your dress.


We all know that darker clothing is more slimming so if you don’t like your breasts being centre of attention, wear darker colours on your top half. If you love colour then incorporate them in your bottom half or by adding & handbags are both great accessories that come in bright colours.


One accessory not to wear if you have large breasts is long necklaces which fall on the bustline, as it highlights them & not in successful way. Shorter chains or collar length style are your best friends when it comes to necklaces.


I’m sure those who have a larger bust are fully aware that wearing high necklines, turtlenecks or rounded necklines are unflattering. Why? because it gives the ‘uni-boob’ which doesn’t look good on anyone. We have two boobs, not one so separating them will highlight your figure in a better light even if you don’t like them in full display.


V-neckline, scoop, square, cowl, polo and crew necks all highlight your cleavage so plenty of choice without having to show off your boobs. It can just cheapen your look which is ok if that’s the look your after.


One thing that I do look for when buying clothing is certain fabrics as they can flatter your bust, which is the look we’re after. Stylish and not all boobs.


Look for soft fabrics like cashmere, cotton or jersey. Avoid velvet and satin.


Lastly but not least when you have a big bust, t’s best to choose a simple and classic top rather than something that’s really busy (ruffles) which will make the chest look even bigger.


What’s your number one fashion tip for women with large breasts?


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