Full figured women can wear any swimsuit trend

I love summer and spending time at the beach or pool especially in this heat. I don’t know about you but I don’t love buying a swimsuit. The white wobbly skin peaking out just after Winter while trying on a swimsuit, is enough to scare anyone back into their tracksuit and hoodies.


I wear a tankini top and boardshorts, not the most feminine looking outfit but I feel comfortable in it and that’s the main thing. Others however may be happy in bikini’s, a one piece or even nothing at all. We all wear what we are comfortable in and we don’t care what others think or say. And I love that!! 


I started looking  at the latest trends for this summer to see if maybe I would get a new swimsuit and I’m not that impressed. I love the 50’s style with the bottoms  covering the belly and supportive bra style top but there was nothing that really stood out to me. If you read my last blog you’ll see I have a thing for 1950’s clothes, mainly because women back then were curvy and their clothes emphasised their curves and hid parts that you didn’t want seen.


The  swimsuits I found looked fantastic on the leggy and flat chested models however few would look good on regular and plus size women but hey what do I know, its only  my opinion. What I do know is most women love to feel confident in what they’re wearing, feel sexy, feel feminine and look good plus be fashionable. Not much to ask. 


We here at Sisterly Curves love to promote women, body positivity and diversity so we sell fashionable clothes for all ages, sizes, and shapes by our favourite plus size labels and a few that are unknown so our customers feel confident in them. 


As much as we love to promote body positivity and diversity it’s still not mainstream but it is getting better slowly. Even the models in our favourite labels aren’t close to the size and height of the average Australian plus size woman. If they were that would be great.


At my biggest I was a size 22 and 176cm tall and I can’t imagine any fashion label in Australia having a model advertising their clothing range with those measurements. However, it is good to see that times are changing and that we have models like Tess Holliday, Robyn Lawley and Ashley Graham who are promoting plus size women, body positivity and diversity. Let’s hope there’s more to come.


Anyway, back to swimsuits I have put together a group of the latest trends and tried to match them with plus size style’s to show that we can look good in the latest trends as well.


By the way I found a new swimsuit that I’m thinking of buying. 😊





Animal print















Sun protection





High leg




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