Full figured women can pull off any Winter trend

As much as most of us hate to admit, winter is on its way. This means we start to look to our wardrobes to come up with fashionable outfits that will keep us warm on those cold days.

I’ve reviewed the upcoming trends for winter and I have to say I’m loving them plus they would look great on curvy girls.

A few trends are coming over from the hotter months which is great, meaning you can layer your summer pieces and get more wear out of them. Layering is always a good way to mix up  your outfits plus keep them fresh and yourself warm. 

As I said before I’ve never been someone that wears clothes dictated by the trends, I wear styles that I feel comfortable in and that suit my body type. Something I do is look at trends and take out pieces that I know will work with my style and figure.

Sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zones and try different fashions which in turn creates our own look. I have shown below the trends and then worked it with showing curvy girls in similar styles and colours.

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Clashing Prints



Loving Leopard





Supersized Coats 



Those Citrus Tones




Lets be Girly


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