Fashionable or Fashionable Faux

We are all about body positivity and being happy with yourself here at Sisterly Curves but some fashions that we see sometimes are........I’m going to say it ‘awful’. I get that we want to look like our smaller sized sisters. You know the ones who are a size 10 or smaller but even they don’t look good in the fashions of late. 


It’s all about showing as much skin off, whether it’s your boobs or your butt or even your vajayjay - which I have had the experience of seeing while out at bar with my girlfriends. Not classy.


No underwear is another thing I can’t stress enough, wear some girls!! I get that some dresses, skirts, pants look worse when you have a panty line but you’ve heard of Spanx, right? Some things need to be kept covered up unless you’re in the privacy of your home. No one wants to see what you’ve had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


We try to find clothes for our followers that range in various ages from 20 to over 50. We don’t want the 20 year old to look like their grandmother and the same with someone in her 40’s who doesn’t want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb. 


Trying to find preloved fashions for women of differing age groups that are flattering for the curvy, plus size woman so they feel stylish, sexy and still be comfortable is damn hard. 


I think we do a pretty good job of that but we can’t compete with the fast fashion labels that make clothes of a particular style (basically no style) very quickly. Which is why we resell particular brands such as City Chic, Autograph and BEME because they cover all the age groups of our followers plus make them feel comfortable, stylish and sexy as a woman.


I follow a lot of fashion profiles on Instagram and some of the clothes they’re showing on very curvy women look anything but flattering or even stylish but they are  fashionable. Those brands are marketing towards the younger age group, who want to look like they’re thin friends or idols as well as be fashionable.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look fashionable, which you can still be by creating your own look with other brands and preloved clothing. 


Create your own style and just be YOU! You are beautiful ❤️


📸 | Instagram: Your Big Sister Closet


📸 | Instagram: Your Big Sister Closet




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