6 Reasons Preloved Shopping is For You


You may have heard, read these tips before and some of them you haven’t thought about before but we love preloved clothing that much we want others to find out why we enjoy it shopping so much for it.⁣

♻️ Save money⁣

If you’re looking to buy clothes on a budget, shopping second-hand is a no brainer. Used goods will inevitably cost less than new ones, with many pieces we sell are only slightly used or even in new condition.⁣

Since so many things today are made quickly and cheaply, preloved clothes give you an opportunity to find things you really love at a price you can afford.⁣

♻️ Save landfill & it's good for the environment in more than one way⁣

Buying secondhand means you will be positively contributing to our environment. Giving items the opportunity for a ‘second life’ keeps them out of landfill.⁣

♻️ Save children⁣

You’re supporting your children & grandchildren to have a better climate for the future.⁣

♻️ Stay stylish & Discover new ones⁣

It is about personal expression & play, knowing that there are many styles of clothing to choose from, offers each individual the possibility to choose pieces that best represent their identity.⁣

Shopping second-hand with Sisterly Curves means that the clothing maybe a few seasons old or even the latest. ⁣

♻️ It Helps you focus on the things that really matter⁣

The last couple of years we have all gone through a pandemic which has made some of us realise what really matters. ⁣

Shopping secondhand may not be something you would think would help you focus on what really matters but once you start you buy things that you yourself truly like. Trends of the season stop mattering, and you start listening to your own opinions.⁣

Shop second-hand, because if nothing else, why not stand out from the crowd and be unique? ⁣

Secondhand is a celebration of difference!⁣

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